2015-05-15 20:01:12

Racism America & Sex Slaves [ 8 TIPS you need to know about Comfort Women before taking sides]


Flawed, rigged hypocrisy. Yujiro Taniyama's speech in Washington State. SCOTTSBORO GIRLS http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4171120/ "Telling the truth is something I take very seriously". Trailer Video → http://JapanBroadcasting.net/Scottsboro 「スコッツボロー ガールズ」DVD大好評発売中。うるさい日本人、谷山雄二朗監督の舞台挨拶。英語で、国際社会と戦う。

 "SCOTTSBORO GIRLS" DVD & Trailer - WARNING! : The speaker adores mocking BS like Mr Lance Armstrong, as well as obnoxious figures of shameless dishonesty. Please continue to watch this content only if you have the eligibility to understand cynical expressions, and the guts to face the reality over the controversy of racism and comfort women.

Travesty of justice and falsification of history is simply sad.