2015-05-15 12:01:12

Bill Arnold - Meta-Improv [Day 39 of the 60 Day Challenge]


For day 39 I improvise with my improvisation from day 20. My 60 Day Challenge is to film myself making music for 60 consecutive days. Please visit http://themusicinstigator.com/60days for information about why I'm doing this, the guidelines I've given myself, and some suggestions for how you can get involved.

This was an interesting challenge...playing improvised flute with the piano improvisation I played back on day 20. First of all, my original performance was somewhat rubato, meaning I was being expressive with the tempo. Second, it's not like I was following anything that was written down. Also, I wasn't sure that I'd be able to play something without making it too busy. When I played the original improvisation, I was not concerned about leaving room for another instrument to play!

The only editing I did on the flute track was to bring down the volume a bit at the very end because I felt that I was overshadowing the quiet dynamic of the piano part.

For anybody looking for ways to practice improvising, here's something fun I've enjoyed doing in the past: Put something on YouTube and try to play along. You don't have to do anything elaborate. Just imagine you're part of a horn or rhythm section. Try to add tasteful fills that go with the music. I think it's a fun way to practice jamming with something you don't have any written music for...a good skill if you're like me and have been used to reading most of your life! It's fun because you can imagine that you're playing in concert with anybody and (obviously) there isn't any of the pressure of actually being on stage! If you totally mess up or you want to try some different ideas, YouTube doesn't mind going back and playing that section again!


Sonar X2 Producer
Adobe Premiere Elements
iPhone 5s (with a Glif tripod mount)
2 Neewer CN-160 LED Video Lights